Northern Box

By Dean Warner

  1. The Palm Tree
    Into The Woods
  2. The Antrim Rose
    I’m Waiting For You
    The Limestone Rock
  3. The Inis Bearachain
    Gallagher’s Frolics
    James McMahon’s
  4. The Green Island
    Charlie Mulvihill’s
  5. Pauline’s Place
    The Green Groves Of Erin
    Kiss Me Kate
  6. Josie’s Visit
    Paddy Fahy’s
    The Kings Of Inishbofin
  7. Flanagan Meets O’Hanlon
    Farewell To Miltown Malbay
    The Lobster
  8. The Whistling Postman
    The Mountain Top
  9. The Horse’s Leotard
    The Trip To Athlone
  10. Brefni O’Reilly
    The High Hill
  11. The Caves Of Kiltanon
  12. The Lavourette
    Esther’s Arrival
    The Plough And The Stars
  13. The Ash Plant
    Eileen Curran’s
    The Silver Spear

Four comments



Great Album!

This CD is wonderful. It is full of new tunes that I have never heard before, many of which have since become personal favourites. I have had it for several months now and haven’t tired of it. Favorites are Track 3 (The Inis Bearacháin), Track 5 (Pauline’s Place/The Green Groves of Erin/Kiss Me Kate) and Track 13 (The Ash Plant/Eileen Currans/The Silver Spear). I would definitely reccomend this CD. Well done Dean!

Just a quick update to fix the back-end capitalization of the tune titles.

Nice work

This is a very nice piece of work by Dean and friends. His playing style comes very close to buttonbox B/C or C#/D playing, you wouldn’t necessarily realise that he’s playing piano accordion. All very neat and clean with nicely chosen tempos, well controlled. Comhaltas house style perhaps!
Track 4 is distinctly odd, hornpipes in a strange flattened out rhythm. I’d like to know what Dean was aiming for, as other hornpipes on the disc are quite “normal.”
Very good bass playing in buttonbox/regulators style - no intrusive oom-pa!
It’s good Irish box playing, that happens to be on piano accordion.
Only seems to be available second hand now.