Northern Box

By Dean Warner

Four comments



Great Album!

This CD is wonderful. It is full of new tunes that I have never heard before, many of which have since become personal favourites. I have had it for several months now and haven’t tired of it. Favorites are Track 3 (The Inis Bearacháin), Track 5 (Pauline’s Place/The Green Groves of Erin/Kiss Me Kate) and Track 13 (The Ash Plant/Eileen Currans/The Silver Spear). I would definitely reccomend this CD. Well done Dean!

Just a quick update to fix the back-end capitalization of the tune titles.

Nice work

This is a very nice piece of work by Dean and friends. His playing style comes very close to buttonbox B/C or C#/D playing, you wouldn’t necessarily realise that he’s playing piano accordion. All very neat and clean with nicely chosen tempos, well controlled. Comhaltas house style perhaps!
Track 4 is distinctly odd, hornpipes in a strange flattened out rhythm. I’d like to know what Dean was aiming for, as other hornpipes on the disc are quite "normal."
Very good bass playing in buttonbox/regulators style - no intrusive oom-pa!
It’s good Irish box playing, that happens to be on piano accordion.
Only seems to be available second hand now.