The Open Road

By Steph Geremia

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Steph Geremia flutes
Johnny ‘Ringo’ McDonagh bodhran
Michael Rooney harp
Brendan O’Regan bouzouki, mandolin
Matt Griffin guitar
Jimmy higgins percussion
Alan Kelly piano accordion
Tola Custy fiddle

Great music! I love it!
Cheers, Moritz


I didn’t mention above but should have - this is one of the best traditional Irish flute recordings I’ve ever heard.

Excellent album

This album is worth getting just to hear Steph’s take on “The Road to Ballymac” alone. Goosebump material. To my ears, the album channels a lot of the vibe of MM’s “The Heathery Breeze” and fans of that album (who isn’t?) will definitely enjoy this one.

In addition to Matt’s first 3 albums, this one will be joining “The Maple Leaf”, “Upon My Soul”, “The Crooked River” and “Beo!” as my flute albums of choice.

Thanks to Kenny for recommending it.

The Donegal Reel

The tune listed as ’The Donegal Reel is different to the 2 on this site, anyone have another name for it?

Just being lazy though… sounds easy enough to work out by ear 🙂



Track 12?

Anyone know the first tune? I’d swear I’ve heard it somewhere before.

Re: The Open Road

3 years late, but I’ve always known it as “Paddy Taylor’s”, “Dervish” recorded it as “Jim Coleman’s”, and there’s a setting of that here too. I’ve corrected the link, and a few others.

Re: The Open Road