Reelin’in Tradition

By The Mulcahy Family

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  1. Mullingar Races
    Coen’s Memories
    Jim Donoghue’s
  2. Munster Buttermilk
    The Sheep In The Boat
    Charlie Mulvihill’s
  3. The Pullet
    The Boys Of Portaferry
    The Dunmore Lasses
  4. Captain Moonlight’s Army
    Tom Billy Murphy’s
    Johnny O’Leary’s
  5. Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    Martin Hardiman’s
  6. Down The Broom
    The Bush In Bloom
  7. James McMahon’s
    The Fairhaired Boy
    John McKenna’s
  8. Devanney’s Goat
    The Flax In Bloom
  9. Hugh Traver’s
    What Would I Do If The Kettle Boiled Over?
  10. The Home Ruler
    Jerry Daly’s
  11. Mountains Of Pomeroy
  12. Mick O’Connor’s
    Mac Cabe’s
  13. Kitty Lie Over
    Connie The Soldier
  14. The Sailor’s Jacket
    Wexford Lasses
  15. Jerry Holland’s
    The Humours Of Rahey
    Paddy Conneely’s
  16. Maids Of Castlebar
    Toss The Feathers
    Lucy Campbell

Eleven comments

Reelin’ in Tradition

Went to the CD- launch in Feakle in August and was absolutely impressed by the vitality and power of their playing. It’s a pleasure to listen and view the three Mulcahys accompanied by Cyril O’Donoghue. As they did in “Notes from the Heart” they call themselves now Mick, Louise and Michelle Mulcahy.
Wonderful selection of tunes, can’t stop listening.


Captain Moonlight’s Army

Any information about this fantastic polka ?

Wrong title and link for T15, first tune

Dear All,
I think the first tune of track 15, named Jerry Holland’s (jig) does not point on the right tune. Seems that it is named “Jerry Holland’s” in their booklet but the tune refered with this name in “the session” points on a straspey.
I think the right link should be and the tune’s name is “Malcolm’s New Fiddle”. And it is a composition of Jerry Halland!
Have nice day all!

Wrong title and link for T15, second tune

On the theme of the previous comment;
The second tune of track 15 appears to be an E dorian setting of “The Cliffs Of Moher”
I don’t have liner notes to hand, so can’t comment as to the origin of “Humours Of Rahey”.

Track 3

Track3 tune 1 is not The Pullet. That is an alternative name for the 2 nd tune, The Boys of Portaferry.

First tune is actually Drag Around The Road.

Track 10, second tune appears to be The Bird’s Hornpipe I also loved seeing them perform in New Zealand this year. I live so far away from the action that it’s always a treat hearing the top ITM performers live.

Track 15 Cliffs/Humours

Rick, the liner notes say that Humours of Rahey is a version of the Cliffs of Moher. (one that I am beginning to prefer)

the CD ?

have been searching online in the usual haunts to buy this CD, but no luck.
Any ideas folks ?


clearly my Googling abilities leave much to be desired. Thanks kkrell.