Buffalo In The Castle

By Buffalo In The Castle

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  1. Jackson’s Coagy
    John Riley The Stamper
    Biddy Martin’s
  2. Breakin’ Up Christmas
    Lucy Farr’s
    Late For The Dance
  3. The Indian Two-Step
    Castle Kelly
    Hunting The Buffalo
  4. Georgia Belles
    Lady Hamilton
  5. Courting Is A Pleasure
  6. An Buachaill Dreoite
    Tom Busby’s
    I Ne’er Shall Wean Her
  7. Forty-Four Gun
  8. Durang’s
    Jimmy Kelly’s
  9. The Frog’s Wedding
  10. Polly Put The Kettle On
  11. The Galway Bay
    The Dancing Bear
  12. Big-Eyed Rabbit
    The Hare’s Paw

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Buffalo in the Castle

This new (July 2009) album features Desi Wilkinson (flute, whistle and fiddle), Frank Hall (fiddle), Máirtín O’Connor (accordion) and Lean Ullman (banjo) - all also sing except Máirtín - and is a mix of Irish and Appalachian tunes and songs.

For more information visit http://www.buffalocastle.com.

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2nd tune on track 2….

…although it may be in a different key on the recording, I haven’t checked. I really like this CD, some great interplay between 2 traditions.


Buffalo In the Castle is: Desi Wilkinson, Máirtín O’Connor, Frank Hall And Lena Ullman