Pride Of New York

By Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan

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Issued by Compass Records in July 2009, this is an absolute cracker of an album and features Joanie on whistle and flute, Brendan on piano, Billy on B/C box and Brian on fiddle.

If I hadn’t the album’s cover in front of me I’d be hard pressed to guess this recording’s origins because the music is so timeless and flawless that it could have emanated from anywhere within the Irish diaspora. And that’s a true indication that this album is very much on the button.

I’ve had this on loop all afternoon while working in the garden and reckon it’s the finest CD I’ve heard in a very long time.

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Good friends making great music together. It shines. Joyous, welcoming, involving, it makes you want to join in ~ much appreciated…

Re: Pride Of New York

This recording is on "iTunes" - it’s just not linking above because they don’t use the performers’ names, you have to look for "Pride Of New York". Very good recording.

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