On Kielder Side

By Kathryn Tickell

Three comments

On Kielder Side

Named after the biggest wooded area in Britain!

Released in 1984 when she was still in her teens, already playing the fiddle and the pipes with all her might. Judge for yourself!
Most of the tunes here are from her part of the world.
Some very spirited tracks include Jean‘ s reel and The Tipsy Sailor (The same ’Tipsy Sailor‘ in England is ’Drunken’ in Ireland!)
My favourite tune has to be her original, extended version of The Peacock Followed the Hen.

More info on Kathryn Tickell’s website: http://www.kathryntickell.com/

A very nice debut. I imagine it’s not easy to find now. She does a four-part version of the Hesleyside Reel which is well worth knowing.

As a teenage vision she sometimes manifested in the Durham sessions back then. Snow White and the Twenty-One Dwarves, sort of. Lightened our lives, and played bloody good music too.