Highly Strung!

By Padraic O’Reilly

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Highly Strung

This is the second album released, in 2007, by Padraic O’Reilly from Co.Clare, where he proves his reputation as one of the finest players of traditional Irish piano. Guests include the Corofin Chamber orchestra, Siobhan O’Donnell (bodhran), Damien O’Reilly (accordion/guitar), Cyril O’Donoghue (bouzouki), Martin O’Malley and Graham Dunne (guitars).

Good album

Padraic is a great piano player, but I don’t really like the orchestra accompanying him. It sounds a bit too classical at times. Stiil, a good album.

Slow air

Track number 6 the slow air Sliabh Geal Gua Na Feile is superb

Re: Highly Strung!

Don’t normally like Irish Music on piano but I love this album. I’ve been playing it in the car for the past two years. Tracks 2 and 14 stand out for me, maybe 6 too plus some of the individual reels and jigs, but it’s (as they say) all good. And so it is.