The Pleasures Of Hope

By Harry Bradley And Michael Clarkson

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The Pleasures Of Hope

Only recently released, this recording by the 2 Belfast flute players - sub-titled “Flute Music From Belfast and Beyond” - has hardly been out of the CD player since I received it. The playing on this is a joy to hear from start to finish, as is the selection of tunes. There are no recent compositions on this CD, this is all music that has stood the test of time, - [ the most recent tune I would think would be James Scott Skinner’s “The Spey In Spate” ] - played with great technical ability, but most of all with a life, humour and“lift“ that I find sadly lacking in many recordings I’ve listened to over the past few years.
Essential listening for any traditional flute player.
[ “slainte” - you’re going to love this one 🙂 ]

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totally agree with you kenny!
michael sent me cd last week ,and same situation, listen it all time, really pleasure to listen…
i already learned 75% contents of cd.
hope all is well with you, marin

I third the praise given here. Just ordered and received a copy stateside (US), and am loving it. Then again, I love all of that Northern flute shtuff. Regardless, if they keep making recordings like this, I’ll keep buying.

On the “to get” list. Big fan of both flute players on this album. I believe there is chordal accompaniment which I was disappointed with. But I guess I’m in the minority in saying 2 flutes with nothing else (maybe an odd bodhran or bones track) would have been preferable. To hell with that, I haven’t heard the CD yet!!

I think Tony MacMahon will be arriving any day soon to Harry and Michael’s abode to make them pay for the chordal accompaniment.

A bit of respect man, no need to go with comparing me to Tony Mac.

Only slagging. A fine CD though, been giving it some serious airplay…

Have it now. What an album. Something you don’t hear every day.

I heared them at 2009 Frankie Kennedy flutes blow-out…

It was even better than the CD I got after attending the blow-out. The shiver folks ! Seamus O’Kane was not there. A mic was ready for him and Harry checked twice on his potential presence in the room. Yet, we applauded him (Seamus) cheerfully him at the end of performance. Funny. 🙂 Michael did a a good bit of third octave work. Wow… The shiver.

“Heads-Up” - 24th - 26th April, Ballyvourney

“Hammy” Hamilton announced the tutors line-up for his “Flute Gathering” in Ballyvourney between 24th - 26th April 2014. Both Harry and Michael have been included as tutors this year.

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“The Pleasures of Hope” will be when I can chase up a copy of this one for myself. So far I’ve only had the great pleasure of listening to someone else’s. I live in hope… 🙁 The other hope would be to someday be free for the gathering…