By Bumblebees

  1. Le Batteux
    Mick Connelly’s
    The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
  2. Drops Of Spring Water
    Moos And Hoos
    The Bohola
  3. Island
    Brig Of Perth
  4. Coridinio
    Lake Arthur Stomp
  5. Mattie’s
    Dirty Dixie
  6. La Destimborlada
  7. James F. Dickie
    John Keith Laing
  8. Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
    Duncan Johnstone
  9. Bourre
    Cutting A
  10. Eleanor Plunkett
  11. Les Patins De Pauline
    Troy’s Wedding
    The Banks Of Allan
  12. The Trip To Herve’s

Three comments

Bumblebees are :
Laoise Kelly (Harp, Fiddle)
Mary Shannon (Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin, Mandola)
Colette O’Leary (Accordion).
Another fine CD, which includes, along with traditional Irish music, French-Canadian, Cajun and Scottish music.

ahh… glad to see this has been posted finally. One of my favorites. By the way, the Coridinio on this album is not the same one Sharon Shannon playes on her self-titled record. Also, Fintan McManus has been quoted saying that this is his favorite recorded version of The Guns of the Magnificent Seven.

The corridinho on this album is called ‘Corridinho No 1’. As far as I know Colin Blakey taught it to Sharon Shannon when they both played in The Waterboys and she taught it to Mary. Colin also taught it to me, I’ll try and post the dots soon but I haven’t writter ABCs for a while.