Oldtime Records Vol 1 (U.S. Recordings)

By Various Artists

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  1. Barn Dance Medley
    Jamesy Gannon’s #1
    Jamesy Gannon’s #2
  2. The Rakes Of Kildare
    The Irish Washerwoman
  3. The Girl I Left Behind Me
  4. The Fermoy Lasses
    The Duke Of Leinster
  5. Sarsfield Lilt
  6. The Merry Harriers
    Old Maids Of Galway
    The Boy In The Gap
  7. The Heathery Breeze
  8. The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  9. You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
  10. Apples In Winter
    Friar’s Britches
  11. The Drummer Boy
  12. Down The Broom
    The Gatehouse Maid
  13. Friendly Visit
    Stack Of Barley
  14. Cherish The Ladies
  15. The Pigeon On The Gate
  16. Innisfail Special
  17. Sweet Biddy Daly
  18. Pat O’Hara
  19. Bells Of Athenry
    The Wicklow
  20. The Sligo Maid
    The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Fermoy Lasses
  21. Father O’Flynn
    The Irish Washerwoman
    Haste To The Wedding
  22. My Wild Irish Rose

Three comments

Classic Disks from 1920 - 1938 Never Before Released on CD! (it says here)

Tremendous notes in the booklet.
Actual track title list below.
I’ve identified tunes where I can, but haven’t listened to all of this yet. I was just given it the other day and am enjoying every minute so far .

This quote from Hugh Gillespie (a Coleman cohort) jumps out at me and sums up the feeling of what I’ve heard so far:
" … you were making a whole lot of records and thought nothing of it. Now someone makes a record, holy heavens you’d think they went to the stars! We just made records and that’s all. Same as we played in the dance hall, there was no big deal about it"

* Louis E. Quinn & His Shamrock Minstrels "Barn Dance Medley"
* Flanagan Brothers "Rakes of Kildare"
* Flanagan Brothers "The Girl I Left Behind Me"
* McKenna & Gaffney "Reels of Mullivate"
* Flanagan Brothers "Sarsfield Lilt"
* Martin Beirne & Orchestra "The Merry Harriers; Old Maids of Galway"
* P.J. Conlon "The Heathr’y Breeze"
* James Darcy & John Mulvihill "The Barmaids; The Milliner’s Daughter"
* Mike Flanagan "You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down"
* James Morrison "Apples in Winter; Friar’s Britches"
* Four Provinces Orchestra "The Drummer Boy"
* Paddy Killoran "Down the Broom; The Gatehouse Maid" (sample mp3)
* Louis E. Quinn & His Shamrock Minstrels "Stack of Barley Medley"
* Patrick Killoran & His Pride of Erin Orch. "Cherish The Ladies"
* Hugh Gillespie "Pigeon on the Gate"
* Innisfail Irish Orchestra "Innisfail Special"
* William Quinn & His Dublin Orchestra "Sweet Biddy Daily"
* Frank Quinn "Pat O’Hara"
* Flanagan Brothers "Bells of Athernry" (sample mp3)
* Tom Ennis "Irish Reels"
* K. Scanlon "Medley of Jigs"
* O’Leary’s Irish Minstrels with John Riley "My Wild Irish Rose"

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