Oldtime Records Vol 2 (U.S. Recordings)

By Various Artists

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Classic Disks from 1920 - 1938 , vol 2, Never Before Released on CD! (it says here)


Actual track listings (from original record labels):
* Edward Meehan’s Rosaleen Orchestra "Ballyneety; The Piper’s Delight"
* Eddie Herborn "The Morning Fair"
* Joe Maguire’s Pride of Erne Orchestra "The Maid of Mt. Kisco"
* Flanagan Brothers "Contrary Reel"
* Paddy Killoran "If there Wasn’t Any Women in the World"
* Frank Quinn "The Old Swallow Reel"
* Flanagan Brothers "Flanagans at Dinty Moore’s"
* Paddy Killoran "The Humours of Ballinafad ; McPaddin’s Favourite"
* O’Leary’s Irish Minstrels "Larry O’Gaff; Strop the Razor"
* Michael Coleman "Prohibition Reel"
* Four Provinces Orchestra "Sunshine"
* John McKenna "Roscommon Reels"
* Edward Meehan’s Rosaleen Orchestra "Streams of Poolaphuca"
* James Morrison "Noon Day Feast; Rambles with Rory"
* William Quinn & his Dublin Orch. "Flogging Reel"
* Sullivan’s Shamrock Band "Rory O’More; Bridal Jig"
* Paddy Killoran "Morning Dew; Colleen Bawn"
* Tom Morrison & John Reynolds "Kregg’s Pipes; The Boys from Mayo"
* P.J. Conlon "Tuam Reel; The Salamanca"
* Irish Big Four "Cuckoo’s Nest; Down The Meadow"
* Michael Gallagher "Moran’s Hornpipes"
* Frank Quinn "Kate Muldoon"
* Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeney "Decca Polka; Jim Ryan’s Fancy"

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Re: Oldtime Records Vol 2 (U.S. Recordings)

Oldtime Records; 2007.

‘The Pig that Tore the Shirt’ is a variant of ‘The Mason’s Apron’.
‘McPaddin’s Favourite’ is almost certainly ‘McFadden’s Favourite.
‘Jim Ryan’s Fancy’ is a variant of ‘Buffalo Gals’.

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