Navvy On The Shore

By Danny Meehan

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Not sure the correct title for the Lowlands Of Scotland is. I do have a tape of Johnny Doherty where he’s calling another reel by that name.

This was actually released on Dermot Kearney’s Bow Hand label - Copperplate was the distributor.

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The Lowlands of Scotland is an old name for the tune now commonly called the Hare’s Paw (see the link below)

In Donegal this was often called "The Low Park"

Re: Navvy On The Shore

3 October 2017. Now that we can edit links from recordings to tunes in the database (thank you, Jeremy), I have corrected many of the erroneous links to tunes. There are still some to do, and maybe a couple of transcriptions to add in the coming days. I have removed links to McCormack’s, which is a hornpipe, Johnny Docherty’s (track 18) and the Lowlands of Scotland (the tune Danny plays is not the Low Park or the Hare’s Paw), and have restored Danny’s title for the second tune in track 7, but keeping the link to Turnpike Gate for the time being (pending a transcription of Danny’s setting).