Zama Zama… Try Your Luck…

By Battlefield Band

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  1. The Mines Of Golkonda
    Gavotte Ar Menez
    The Shores Of Lough Gowna
    Muneira Quetzelcoatl
  2. The Auchengeich Disaster
  3. Ku’ula-kai
    Johnny Allan MacDonald
    The Procrastinator
    Counting Cowries
  4. Robber Barons
  5. Bernie’s Welcome To Butner
    King George IV
  6. Uamh An Oir
    Zama Zama Boys
  7. Ballarat
    Eadar I’s Leodhas
  8. Three Brothers
  9. Caroline Winn’s
    Frankie Drain’s
  10. Greenland’s Icy Waters
  11. Ruairidh Dubh
    Black Campbell’s
    The Miller’s Fair Daughter
    The Lowland Amusement
    Bulgarian Red
  12. Baile An Or
  13. Plain Gold Ring
  14. The Pretty Apron
    The Flirting Brown Maid