Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2007

By Various Artists

  1. Molly Bán
    George White’s Favourite
  2. Mount Phoebus Hunt
    Súisín Bán
  3. The Virginia
    The Concert
  4. The Donegal
    Black Pat’s
    Pat McHugh’s
  5. The Kinnycally Klansmen
    Julia Devine’s
  6. The Black Frog
    Willie Coleman’s
  7. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    The Mason’s Apron
  8. Sonny’s
    John Doherty’s
  9. An Seanduine Doite
    The Lonesome
  10. Cuachín Gleann Néifín
  11. The Basket Of Turf
    The Old Lark In The Morning
  12. McGreevy’s Favourite
    Drag Her Along The Road
  13. Sliabh Russell
    Kitty’s Rambles
  14. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    The Congress
  15. Clogher Road
  16. Tatter Jack Walsh
    An Rógaire Dubh
    Joe Derrane’s
  17. The Duke Of Leinster
    The New Mown Meadow
    The Silver Spear
  18. The Cuckoo
    The Smell Of The Bog
  19. Bonny Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  20. The Rolling Wave
    Will You Come Home With Me ?
    Slieve Russell
  21. The Gooseberry Bush
    Julia Delaney’s
  22. Splendid Isolation
  23. The Game Cock
    Nell O’Sullivan’s
  24. John Brennan’s
    Mrs Crehan’s
    Mrs Crotty’s
  25. Clare Half Set Dance
    The Leitrim Bucks
    Fred Finn’s
  26. Griogal Cridhe
  27. The Duke Of Leinster
    The Humours Of Ballyconnell
  28. The Foxhunter’s
    The Foxhunter’s
  29. Dear Irish Boy
    Young Tom Ennis
    Broken Pledge
    The Mountain Lark
    The Graf Spey
  30. The Wandering Minstrel
    Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part
    I Will If I Can
  31. The Piper’s Despair
    Mullingar Lea
  32. It Was In London Fair
  33. Joe O’Dowd’s
  34. The Maids Of Mitchellstown
    The Trip To Cullenstown

Eight comments

All of the tracks on the CDs were recorded live at the Main Concert of the Willie Clancy Summer School, on 14th July, 2007 and issued by Oidhreacht an Chláir. Excellent collection.

The artists are as follows:

1. Ceoltóiri na Cathrach:– Molly Bán, George White’s Favourite. (Reels)

2. Séamus O’Rócháin, Bríd O’Donohue:- Mount Phoebus Hunt, Súisín Bán, Set dances

3. Séamus O’Rócháin, Bríd O’Donohue:- The Virginia Reel, The Concert Reel.

4. Tommy Peoples:- The Donegal Reel, Black Pats, Pat McHughes (Reels).

5. Tommy Peoples:- The Kinnycally Klansmen, Julia Devine’s (Jigs)

6. Stephen Madden, JackTalty:- Black Frog - Willie Coleman’s (Jigs)

7 Stephen Madden, Jack Talty:– Flowers of Edinburgh, Mason’s Apron (reels)

8. Margaret Rea, Brid O Donohue, Deirdre O Brien, Marian Curtin:- Sonny’s, John Doherty’s( Mazurkas)

9. Mulcahy Family with Jack Talty:- An Seanduine Doite, Lonesome Jig ( Jigs)

10. Nan Tom Teaimín De Burca:- Cuachín Gleann Néifín (Song)

11. John Kelly Group:- Basket of Turf, Old Lark in the Morning (Jigs)

12. .John Kelly Group:- McGreevy’s Favourite, Drag Her Along the Road (Reels)

13. Mary Bergin and Mick Conneely:- Sliabh Russell, Kitty’s Rambles . (Jigs)

14. Mary Bergin and Mick Connelly:- Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel, New Mown Meadow. (Reels)

15. Martin Burke:- Clogher Road. (Song)

16. Edel Fox, Ronan O Flaherty and Jack Talty:- Tatter Jack Walsh, An Rógaire Dubh, Gan Ainm (Jigs)

17. Edel Fox, Ronan O Flaherty and Jack Talty :- Duke of Leinster,New Mown Meadow, Silver Spear (Reels)

18. Joe Burke and Anne Conroy Burke:- The Cuckoo, The Smell of the Bog. (Hornpipes)

19. .Joe Burke and Anne Conroy Burke:-– Bonny Kate, Jenny’s Chickens. (reels)

20. McPeake School:- The Rolling Wave, Jigs before Reels, Slieve Russell (Jigs).

21. Brendan McGlinchy and Ian Room:-The Gooseberry Bush, Julia Delaney’s (Reels)

22. Brendan McGlinchy and Ian Room:- Splendid Isolation (Air and Reel)

23. Connie O’Connell, Áine O Connell, Donie Nolan, Eibhlín de Paor:- West Limerick slides

24. Connie O’Connell Group:-– John Brennan’s, Mrs.Crehan’s, Mrs. Crotty’s (Reels)

25. Clare Half Set with music by the Connie O Connell Group (Reels)

26. Margaret Stewart:- Griogal Cridhe. (Song)

27. Noel Hill and Liam O Connor:- Duke of Leinster, Humours of Ballyconnell. (Reels)

28. Noel Hill and Liam O Connor:- Foxhunter’s (Slip Jig and reel)

29. Martin Hayes:- Dear Irish Boy, Young Tom Ennis, Broken Pledge, The Mountain Lark, The Graf Spey (Slow air, jig and reels)

30. John McEvoy, John Wynne and Jacinta McEvoy:- Wandering Minstrel
Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, I Will if I Can. (Jigs)

31. John McEvoy, John Wynne and Jacinta McEvoy:- Piper’s Despair, Mullingar Lee. (Reels)

32. Brian Mullen:- It Was in London Fair. (Song)

33. Mick Kinsella and Rick Epping:- Joe O’Dowd’s, Sonny’s. (Mazurkas)

34.Mick Kinsella and Rick Epping:- Maids of Mitchellstown, Trip to Cullenstown, (Reels)

For some reason some of the tunes don’t link into the data base, especially odd for tunes like Willie Coleman’s or Jenny’s Chickens? Any suggestions how I could correct this, if indeed it is something I can do anything about

Your apostrophes are the curly, smart-quotes character that doesn’t match the regular keyboard apostophe, ’ instead of ’. Did you paste the names out of a word processor?

Posted by .

Thanks for the tip. I pasted the names from my ipod but I originally got them from the Oidhreacht an Chláir website, so I assume that this is where the oddity arose.

Track 33….

Link is wrong


… for the first tune. I thought I recognised it, but need to check further.

Re: Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2007

Tune 1 track 5 (Tommy Peoples playing a pair of jigs) automatically links to a reel of the same name; it’s worth visiting the comments to get more information about this discrepancy.

The reel is called “The Kinnycally Klansmen” in Peoples’ book, but I can’t see the jig that he plays on this track.

Tune 1, track 5, Tommy Peoples’ jigs.

Aha, found the jig in the book: it’s Kinny Cally Hill, so I’ve notated the tune from the recording and re-linked.