Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2008

By Various Artists

  1. Sweet Marie
    Adam And Eve
  2. Lament For Staker Wallace
  3. Collier’s
    Molly Put The Kettle On
    The Hairy Chested Frog
  4. Ag An Phobal Dé Domhnaigh (At The Church On Sunday)
  5. Weaver’s Delight
    Lakes Of Sligo
  6. Úrchnoc Céin Mhic Cáinte
    Sean Nugent’s No. 1
    Sean Nugent’s No. 2
  7. Last Night’s Fun
    Captain Kelly’s
  8. Miss McLeod’s
  9. Lament For Willie Clancy
  10. Princess Nancy
    Young Tom Ennis
    Paddy McMahon’s
  11. Taylor’s
    The Garden Of Daisies
  12. The Gooseberry Bush
    The Chicago
  13. The Ships Are Sailing
    Sporting Nell
  14. Lesbia Hath A Beaming Eye
  15. Bean Dubh A’ Ghleanna (Dark Woman Of The Glen)
  16. The Four Provinces
    Boys Of Ballynahinch
    Miss Thornton
  17. Colonel Fraser
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  18. Johnny Cope
  19. The Humours Of Ennistymon
    The Lark In The Morning
  20. The Creel Of Turf
    Up Sligo
  21. An Buachaillín Buí
    Kitty Come Down From Limerick
  22. An Binsín Luachra (The Bunch Of Rushes)
  23. Cape Breton
  24. Game Cock
    Nell Sullivan’s
    Gale Bridge
  25. Blooming Meadows
    An Seanduine Dóite
  26. Sliabh Na mBan
    Dowd’s Favourite
    Phelim’s Frolic
    McFadden’s Favourite
  27. Cashman’s Favourite
    Pulling Bracken
  28. The Heathery Breeze
    The Copperplate
    Miss McLeod’s
  29. An Ciarraíoch Mallaithe
  30. Amhrán Rinn Mhaolle
  31. The Harvest Home
  32. The Steeplechase
    The Lansdowne Lass
  33. The Golden Keyboard
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  34. Scoil Barr D’lnse (Barr Duinse School)

Three comments

A recording of a selection of the public concerts at 2008 Willie Clancy week and issued by Oidhreacht an Chlair

The complete list of artists:

1. Hugh Healy (concertina)
Sweet Marie (song air), Adam and Eve Slide

2 . Seán Ryan (whistle)
Lament for Staker Wallace (air), Dublin Reel

3. Cormac Cannon (uilleann pipes)
Collier’s Reel, Molly Put the Kettle On, The Hairy Chested Frog (reels)

4. Geraldine Bradley (song)
Ag An Phobal Dé Domhnaigh (At the Church on Sunday)

5. Breanndán O‘Beaglaoich, Daniel Healy and Bryan O’Leary (accordions)
Kerry polkas

6. Gerry O’Connor (fiddle).
Úrchnoc Céin Mhic Cáinte (lament), Sean Nugent s no. 1 and no. 2 (reels)

7. June McCormack, Jim Mulvey, Patsy Hanley and John Wynne (flutes)
Last Night’s Fun, Captain Kelly’s (reels)

8. Bobby Gardiner and Aidan Vaughan
Miss McLeod’s (reel)

9. Michael O’Brien (song)
Lament for Willie Clancy

10. Dympna O’Sullivan (concertina)
Princess Nancy, Young Tom Ennis, Paddy McMahon’s (jigs)

11. Pat Broderick (uilleann pipes)
Taylor’s Hornpipe, The Garden of Daisies (set dance)

12. Tony Linnane and Mick Conneely (fiddles)
The Gooseberry Bush, The Chicago (reels)

13. Charlie Harris (accordion)
Ships are Sailing, Sporting Nell (reels)

14. Conal Ó’Grada (flute)
Lesbia Hath a Beaming Eye (jig)

15. Máire Ni Chéilleachair (song)
Bean Dubh a’ Ghleanna (Dark Woman of the Glen)

16. Martin Dowling (fiddle)
The 4 Provinces (flings), Boys of Ballynahinch, Miss Thornton (reels)

17. Mickey Dunne (uilleann pipes)
Colonel Fraser, Bucks ofOranmore (reels)

18. Máire and Aoife O’Keeffe (fiddles)
Johnny Cope (hornpipe)

19. Hugh Healy (concertina).
The Humours of Ennistymon, The Lark in the Morning (jigs)

20. June McCormack, Jim Mulvey, Patsy Hanley and John Wynne (flutes)
The Creel of Turf, Up Sligo (jigs)

21. Maitiú O’Casaide (uilleann pipes)
An Buachaillín Buí, Kitty Come Down From Limerick (jigs)

22. Fiontán O’Meachair (song)
An Binsín Luachra (The Bunch of Rushes)

23. Peter Phelan (whistle)
Cape Breton Reels

24. Donie Nolan (accordion)
West Limerick Slides

25. Donie Nolan (accordion) and Tommy Browne (dancer)
Blooming Meadows, An Seanduine Dóite (jigs)

26. Vincent Griffin (fiddle)
Sliabh na mBan (air), Dowd’s Favourite, Phelim’s Frolic,
McFadden’s Favourite (reels)

27. Conal O’Gráda and Rev. Gary Hastings (flutes)
Maurice O’Keeffe s, Johnny Walsh’s, Pulling Bracken (polkas)

28. Jacqueline McCarthy and Tom Carey (concertinas)
The Heathery Breeze, The Copperplate, Miss McLeod’s (reels)

29. Mickey Dunne (uilleann pipes)
An Ciarraíoch Mallaithe (The Cursed Kerryman - air)

30. Éamon O’Donnchadha (song)
Amhrán Rinn Mhaolle (The Renvyle Song)

31. Michael Tubridy (flute) and Agnes Haak (dancer)
Harvest Home (hornpipe)

32. Katie O’Sullivan (concertina)
The Steeplechase, The Lansdowne Lass (reels)

33. Eamon Cotter (flute)
The Golden Keyboard, Ambrose Moloney’s, Jackson’s (reels)

34. Cór Chúil Aodha (choir)
Scoil Barr D’lnse (Barr Duinse School)


A wonderful collection of tunes and songs. Thanks for posting. And many thanks again for taking the time to list the tracks with players.