Raining Bicycles

By Skylark

  1. The Shelf
    The Ballyoran
  2. Green Grows The Laurel
  3. St Kilda Wedding
    Ril Gan Ainm
    Mama’s Pet
  4. The Newry Highwayman
  5. Squire Parsons
  6. Courting Too Slow
  7. Lucy Farr’s Fling
    Charlie O’Neill’s Flings
  8. Seventeen Come Sunday
  9. Julia McMahon’s
    My Former Wife
  10. Echoes On The Wind
  11. The Leveret
    The Cavern
  12. Bound For Castle Garden
  13. Patsy Campbell’s
    Ril Gan Ainm
    Lucy Farr’s

Two comments

Found this in my collection and surprised not here. Great stuff as you would expect.

Re: Raining Bicycles

The second tune in track no.1 is "The Ballyoran Polka".