O’stravaganza. Vivaldi In Ireland

By Hughes De Courson

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  1. O’stravaganza
  2. Damhsaigh
  3. Berceuse De Grainne Pour Diarmait
  4. Estro-
  5. Il Sonno
  6. Ceol Cuaine:
    The Ships Are Sailing
  7. Il Duello
  8. A Chlairseach
  9. Jig Della Inquietudine:
    Queen Of The Rushes
    The Paddy Fays
  10. Eirin Sonata
  11. Bunch Of Rushes:
    The Bunch Of Green Rushes
  12. Am Cain
  13. Mister Bethag And The Princess:
    Mr. Bethag
    Princess Royal
  14. La Ciacconna Rossa:
    Si Bheag Si Mhor

Seven comments

Fantastic fusion of baroque Vivaldi’s music and trad irish one. Some of Vivaldi’s tunes alternate with irish jigs and reels. Whistles, Uillean pipes, fiddles and Vivaldi. I sincerely recommend!

Unfortunately I don’t know tunes used at this CD so please help me if you know anyone’s name and write it to me (https://thesession.org/members/56411#sendemail) and I’ll add it to tracks. I have submited this recording to get to know tunes’ names. I can’t find it in the net.

Some of the Classical Pieces

This is indeed a fantastic CD! A wonderful demonstration of how close Classical (Baroc) Music and Folk really are in terms of (use of) decorations and improvisations.
Here are some of the Classical pieces played on the CD:

In track 2:
- Allegro, Concerto in D major, RV93 for lute, 2 violins & b.c.

In track 5:
- II Sonno: Largo, (La Notte) Concerto in G minor Op. 10, No 2, Konzert für Flöte RV433

In track 7:
- Four seasons, spring

One of the tunes

Just discovered this recording by Planxty:

I. The Queen Of The Rushes, II. Paddy Fays Jig.

Track no. 9 on O’STravaganza is an exact copy if Planxty’s recording of The Queen Of The Rushes.

Bunch of Rushes

In spite of the title, the tune in track no. 11 isn’t The Bunch of Rushes (hornpipe) but The Bunch Of Green Rushes (reel) !

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