The Daisy Field

By Claire Keville

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Absolute gold

On this lovely CD, Claire’s first “solo” recording, she is joined on fiddle on four tracks by long-time collaborator Liam Lewis. Lewis and Keville are great exponents of the Paddy Fahey repertoire, and here we get five wonderful Fahey tunes, as well as a powerful version of Paddy Kelly’s four-part reel. There are also two tracks with Claire’s sister Breda on fiddle and Terence O’Reilly on guitar, as well as three tracks on which Claire plays the harpsichord. Geraldine Cotter plays piano on many of the tracks.

Great record I just got it from Custy’s in Ennis. Lovely style and choice of tunes.


One of my favorite Cds already! Lovely style and pace. And Clare is a lovely person and great musician!

Madame Bonaparte

This also links to wrong tune
Should be which is actually a set dance known as “Bonaparte’s Retreat”, or just “The Retreat”
I love the clean, simple delivery of the tunes on this album - lovely concertina playing

Re: The Daisy Field

As is the case with recordings with multiple “Paddy Fahey” tunes, it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether or not they link to the correct “Fahey” tune transcription here. I’ve taken out the links which went to “Paddy Fahey’s” jig, as they are definitely wrong. I’m sure one or two of the reels will be here - but maybe not them all - and will try to correct the links later.
I’m enjoying listening to the playing on this recording again after a while.