Traditional Irish Music From Galway And Clare

By Bobby Casey, Gabriel McKeon, Raymond Roland, Liam Farrell and John Roe

  1. Dowd’s No. 9
    The Ewe
    Come West Along The Road
  2. Patsy Touhy’s
    The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
  3. The West Wind
    Toss The Feathers
  4. Carrickfergus
  5. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
    The Skylark
  6. Paddy’s
  7. Captain Rock
    Murray’s Fancy
  8. The Graf Spey
  9. Toss The Feathers
    The College Groves
  10. The Maid Of Castlebar
  11. The Drunken Gauger
  12. Lord Gordon
    Trim The Velvet
  13. The Road To The Golleen
  14. Lord McDonagh
    Ballinasloe Fair

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I think you’ll find his name was actually Raymond Roland.

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‘Standfast were a subsidiary of the legendary, and sadly defunct, Topic label.’


Standfast was an independent label based in SW London and had absolutely nothing to do with the still thriving Topic label.

What are you on? Irate drugs or red guitars?

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Chill out mate, it’s just a mistake. And yes, it is Raymond Rowland, as opposed to Raymond Rowland, yes.

‘And yes, it is Raymond Rowland, as opposed to Raymond Rowland, yes.’

Eh? What?

OK, the album cover misspells his surname. It was Roland.

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Fair nuff. Couldn’t work out what you were on about. Too many irate drugs for me, clearly…

Thanks a million, that’s great link

Lovely hornpipes

Lovely banjo playing by Liam Farrell on track 6. The first hornpipe is called Paddy’s on the album but is also known as Across The Fence

Yes, not related to Topic and no not Raymond Rowland but Raymond Roland. The mistake is on the front of the LP cover but on the back reference is made to Raymond Roland touring with Liam Farrell. viz "… The long established Farrell-Roland partnership…"
Of course Raymond Roland was also a member of the great Le Chéile group of the 1970s with Danny Meehan on fiddle. Their first LP "Lord Mayo" was also originally released on Standfast.

… and Topic certainly ain’t defunct!

Re: Traditional Irish Music From Galway And Clare

The second tune on track 7, listed as Murray’s Fancy, is actually The Crooked Road to Dublin: