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  1. Hoodwinked
    Slip Jig For Janet
    The Recession
  2. Homer’s
    Lunchtime Boredom
  3. Fred Finn’s
    Everybody Fancies Helen Mirren
  4. The Glad Eye
    Fairfield Mirage
  5. Ton Bale
    Polig’s Gavotte
    Ton Doubl Gavotte
  6. Marbh Bán
  7. Vicki’s World
    Dance Of Süleyman 
  8. The Monday Morning
    The Torrid Romance
    Cariáu LLaniscu
  9. The Whole Chicken In The Soup
    The Humours Of Parov
  10. Marga’s Moment
    The Crooked Still
    The 1st Of May
  11. The Prince’s Feather
    The Step Ahead
  12. Dinny O’Brien’s
    Bill Harte’s

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I have to say that this is a fine album although a lot of modern/non-trad tunes, but no multi-tracking cause its live always a plus. The band members are:
Padraig Rynne- Concertina
Tola Custy- Fiddle
Sylvan Barou- Flute
Paul McSherry- Guitar
Karol Lynch- Bouzouki.

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Grand musicians

Thank you very much for posting this !

I agree there are a lot of compositions (either from band’s members or other great musicians such as Doyle or McGoldrick)
Some of them with a very strange yet nice flavour.

Anyway I can stop listening to it since I got it.

I made a class with Sylvain this summer, he taught us Hookwinked and the recession jig, I might post them here if I got the time…

Fantastic album

A brilliant album - with a kind of “European” feel to it. Absolutely love Sylvan’s flute playing, and what a fantastic guitarist Paul McSherry is. A great band with a great debut album!

Re: Live

I wish more of these tunes had the dots here, especially the first and sixth tracks.

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