Conversation At The Crosses

By Pat O’Connor And Eoghan O’Sullivan

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Excellent new CD of Clare music, recorded live at ‘The Crosses of Annagh’. The tunes are played in that seductively slow, but truly beautiful, Clare style. For my taste one of the best recordings of the year

Any idea where to find this album, Niall?

Custy’s has it.

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I got it at Custy’s in Ennis

CD Release of Conversation At the Crosses

This just in from Feakle:

Pat and Eoghan have got the date for their CD launch, it’s the 14th of this month, saturday night in the Crosses of Annagh. It’ll be exciting. Next tuesday evening they’ll be on Clare FM
with Claire Keville so that they could announce their launch.

SO pick it up there, if you can!