I Can Hear You Smiling

By Josephine Marsh Band

  1. The International
    Eileen O’Brien’s
  2. Chuckling In The Bunk
  3. The Lockkeeper
  4. The Jigermyster
    Jerry Holland’s
    The Connachtman’s Rambles
  5. Ronds De Loudeac
  6. Maria’s
  7. The Rose In The Garden
  8. The Abbey Leix
    The Peacock’s Feather
    Union Street Session
  9. The Egg
    A New Day
    Paddy Kelly’s
  10. O’Shea’s
    Soleil D’Octobre
  11. Eamonn An Chnoic
  12. Mrs. Judge
    Herman The German’s
  13. The Old Forge
    Cycling Home
    The Wise Maid

Three comments

NIce Album

The is a lovely album which I seem to appreciated more each time I listen to it.

Well paced tunes, nice mandolin playing and a couple of good songs. Oh yes Josephine is good on the box as well.

Re: I Can Hear You Smiling

Innovative and uplifting cd, well-worth hours and hours of your listening time!

Re: I Can Hear You Smiling

Yes lovely Album It would be great if someone
was to translate some of Jo’s tunes into abc for
useless people like us. Also the Springtime on
track 2 is not the tune that the link brings you to.