Live At The Crane

By Dusty Banjos

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This CD was recorded live at the world-famous Crane Bar in Galway, in January 2009. It features 48 musicians from the group Dusty Banjos. Dustys is a learners’ group for adults, which has been on the go for 7 years and has welcomed thousands of musicians from around the globe. The group play regularly in Galway and around Ireland, as well as abroad. Check out the website for more info:
The live CD was recorded with a grant from the Arts Council.

Forgot to mention, the CD will shortly be available in internet shops. Hope ye like it!

Dusty Banjos and the CD Live At The Crane

We had great fun making this CD, and it was quite an undertaking, making a live recording of 48 musicians all playing together. Lots of mixing/mastering work afterwards, but we feel quite proud of the CD and the music, and we hope that people will like it.
The tunes and sets are among those that we play very regularly in Galway, and the versions are those that you’ll hear commonly in Galway city and county, so that not only is it a good listen (we hope!); it should also be a very useful learning tool.
We hope you enjoy it.

Dusty Banjos - Live at the Crane

Great CD and a great bunch of musicians!! Atmosphere was electric which really comes across on the recording, and these tunes are really a taste of Galway sessions.

Thanks Mary & Heather!!!