Irish Traditional Music

By Kevin Taylor

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Kevin Taylor with Mary Conroy - Irish Traditional Music

Inchecronin INC 7418 (1978)

Kevin Taylor: Piano Accordion & Piano
Mary Conroy: Guitar

A very interesting album, not least for Taylor’s skill on the accordion, but particularly for his somewhat virtuosic interpretations of dance tunes on the piano, which are very lovely indeed. Taylor learned his music first from his father, the great West Limerick flute player Paddy Taylor, then from playing with the likes of Roger Sherlock and Seán Maguire at sessions in pubs such as the King’s Head in Fulham Broadway. He was immersed in the music from a young age, and while he claimed to have started on the piano due to ‘the musical laziness inherent amongst the Taylors’, his mastery of the music on that particular instrument really needs to be heard to be believed.

Piano Accordion

Its a reminder of how good the much maligned piano accordion can sound.
Many years ago I remember having the vinyl of Mick Foster (of Foster and Allen) on piano accordion. That was a cracker of an album also.
The late A.J.Jacko Kevans of Nimbin Australia was another great player of the piano accordion who never really recorded any albums.

Set 12, with the two tunes credited to Paddy O’Brien. The first is the New House, which is an O’Brien tune, but I can’t find any tune like the second jig listed in the Paddy O’Brien book. I sounds like an odd version of the Humours of Ennistymon

Re: Irish Traditional Music

That second tune which Niall Kenny refers to is a jig called The Queen of the Rushes. An old tune.