Doorways And Windowsills

By Antoin Mac Gabhann And Mick O’Connor

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Lovely cd I bought from Antoin at The Turning Wave Festival at Gundagai.

Mick O’Connor….?

Which Mick O’Connor ? I know of London Mick the banjo player, Dublin Mick the flute player and Tipperary Mick the box player. My guess would be the second.
And would track 9 start with "The Glens of AHERLOW"?

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Doorways and Windowsills

Kenny, I would normally have agreed with your guess, but something tells me that this may well be London banjo Mick.
He went to the Gundagai festival with Antoin, and I know that Tony O´Rourke has been keen for Mick to record for quite some time. Well done Tony, if that´s the case !
There again, I could be completely wrong !
I spoke to mick just before he left for Australia and he didn´t mention anything about recording. In fact he´s still there and will be getting back to London just in time for the Camden festival.

Unbelievable! I can’t wait to get this. Mick is my favourite banjo player and I just can’t hear enough of the guy.

At every All Ireland Fleadh for many years Antoin and Mick (banjo) have met in some doorway or windowsill ( hence the title) and played great music (and a few yarn’s from Mick) into the small hours of the morning.
Marcus O Murcu joins them for one of the tracks on the CD which was recorded just before their Australian tour. No doubt it will be available shortly on this side of the world and will be much in demand.

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is this available online anywhere? -Thanks

I received my copy earlier this week. Great fiddling, banjo playing and some mighty guest fluting from Marcas O’Murchú!