Irish Music In Surround Sound

By Various Artists

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  1. Willie Coleman’s
    Jacksons Nightcap
    The Shores Of Lough Gowna
  2. The Milky Way
    The Dairymaid
  3. With Her Dog And Her Gun
  4. The Basket Of Turf
    The Geese In The Bog
  5. The Master’s Return
    Roaring Mary
  6. Anach Cuain
  7. Rogha An Ghabha
  8. The Temperance
    Lady Gordon’s
  9. My Darling Is Asleep
    The Maid On The Green
  10. The Bold Trainer O
  11. The Battering Ram
  12. Dancing At Coilis
    George Whyte’s
  13. Extra Mix Of Track 1 (stage Mix)
  14. Extra Mix Of Track 3.

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Irish Music In Surround Sound

This is a fantastic new recording done entirely in surround sound at high resolution. Plays back on 5.1 surround sound dvd players and blu-ray players. The 5.1 surround sound playback gives unbelievable tonal quality adding a new dimension to the instruments that you didn’t know was there. Performances of Noel Hill and Laoise Kelly are incredible. It is spellbinding listening throughout. Definitely a great boost for acoustic music like Traditional where tonal subtlies of individual players are so important.

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Will it play on a normal CD player or DVD player? Or is there a steam driven version for us old farts

Not true

I completely disagree:

5.1 Surround sound is not for large venues it is most commonly used in living rooms for watching movie DVD’s

It is actually old technology - the first DVD surround sound systems were out 12 years ago. I got my first one in 2001 and have used it to watch many DVD’s - what a fantastic sound especially action movies - absolutely incredible! And i don’t live in a cinema or large arena.

Music 5.1 surround sound ( DVD-Audio) has been around for the same time. Mostly Jazz and classical are available.

It is really good for traditional because of the acoustic nature - what a brilliant sound. It can only be good for the music.

And as for the old farts if you can use one of these new fangled computers to type comments into one of these new fangled websites or whatever you call them then a DVD player is a doddle.

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Surround sound

If you are a complete geek you may have surround sound speakers connected to your PC for games and so you can listen to a sample of the recording by downloading from here:

The download will also play in stereo but the mix won’t sound as good because it is mixed purposely for surround.

The disc itself is a DVD disc and as such will not play on a CD player. It will however play on all DVD players and for non-surround players there is a stereo mix included on the disc so you can at least listen to the music through a DVD-player with only 2 speakers. You will need a TV to select this option from the menu.

I still highly reccommend playing on a Surround Sound DVD player. It really is incredible.


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