Tresors Du Quebec En Musique

By Les Frères Brunet

  1. La Fille A Jos Rochon
  2. Magie
  3. Terre A Terre
  4. Isabelle, Isabeau
  5. The Geese In The Bog
    The Morning Dew
  6. Reel St. Paul
    Gigue De Terrebonne
  7. Vive L’amourette
  8. Reel Des Sorcieres
  9. The Tarbolton
  10. A L’ombre Du Bois
  11. Reel Du Camp
    Reel Du Lievre
  12. Reel Du P’tit Bucheaux
    Music In The Gland
  13. St-Clair’s
  14. Reel De Tadoussac
    West Virginia
  15. Valse Rosine
  16. Reel Du P’tit Chien

Four comments

Tresors du Quebec en Musique

An album recorded by Les Freres Brunet, put out in 1997 by the Government of Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications.
It’s close to the same track list on Les Freres Brunet CD, "Magie," but with some differences. The liner notes are all in French, which I am not cultured enough to understand 🙂, but I think I was able to decipher enough to get all the tunes out of the sets.

5a is "Geese IN the bog" maybe? It will then link


Geese IN the bog linked. Thanks!

Reel du P’tit Chien missing on my tape version

What does this reel sound like? I purchased my tape through AQLF and on it this cut is a repeat of the Tarbolton Set!