Borders Pipes

By Calum Galleitch, Gordon Mooney, Chris Ormston And Chris Waite

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  1. John Anderson
    Hey Ca’ Thro
  2. Jimmy Allan
    Geld Him Lasses
    Coffee & Tea
    Skint O Siller
  3. Seventeen Minutes To Midnight
  4. The Upland Way
  5. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
    Brose And Butter
    My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing
  6. Chevy Chase
    Cock Up Your Beaver
    Come Boat Me Ower
  7. Duns Dings A’
    Lowland Amusement
  8. Sheena’s Air
  9. Westland Winds
    Gaby’s March
    The Mill, Mill O
  10. Stumpie
    Jacky Latin
  11. Gingling Geordie
  12. Wee Totum Fogg
    Rob Shear’d In Hairst
    Duncan Gray
  13. The Souters O’ Selkirk

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Borders Traditions

This is Volume 5 of the Borders Traditions series put out by the Scottish Borders Council featuring a selection of traditional tunes from the Borders with a few contemporary tunes peppered among them. Tunes are played on Scottish Smallpipes and Border pipes featuring accompaniment on a variety of traditional instruments. There are extensive liner notes about piping in the Borders and about the music and its revival.

I MUST get the Album

Hi malcolm,

just had a look at the tune list on this and I really need to get a hold of this one. Hope its still possible to get it.

all the best


For the record, it’s Calum with one ‘l’ :D

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