By Julie Fowlis

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  1. M’ Fhearann Saidhbhir (My Land Is Rich)
    Nellie Garvey’s
    ’G Ioman Nan Gamhan ’s Mi Muladach
    Jerry’s Pipe
  2. Bothan Àirigh Am Bràigh Raithneach (A Sheiling On The Braes Of Rannoch)
  3. Wind And Rain
  4. Thig Am Bàta (The Boat Will Come)
  5. A Chatrion’ Òg (Young Catriona)
  6. Hé Gràdh, Hò Gràdh
  7. Cò Nì Mire Rium? (Who Will Flirt With Me?)
    Trip To Galway
  8. A’ Chiad Cheum (The First Step)
  9. Brògan ùr Agam A-nochd (I Have New Shoes Tonight)
    The Cat And The Dog
    My Kindly Sweetheart
  10. Rugadh Mi ’teis Meadhan Na Mara (Me Zo Ganet é Kreiz Er Mor
    I Was Born In The Midst Of The Sea)
  11. Bodachan Cha Phòs Mi
  12. A Mhic Dhùghaill ’ic Ruairidh (Son Of Dougal, Son Of Ruairidh)
  13. Hò Bha Mi, Hé Bha Mi (Hò I Was, Hè I Was)

Five comments

A great singer with fine accompanists. Some of my ancestors
came from Barra so i particularly like the songs. Apparently there are only 60,000 Scottish Gaelic speakers.. Are there any in N America who use it as an everyday alternative to English?
How many native speakers of Irish and other ‘celtic’ languages?

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia ~ the second largest group of Gaelic speakers…

Scots Trad Awards

Uam has won album of the year - well done Julie 🙂