Fidil 3

By Ciarán Ó Maonaigh, Aidan O’Donnell, Damien McGeehan

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The musicians:

Fidil are Ciaran O‘Maonaigh, Aidan O’Donnell & Damien McGeehan


… seems to be the correct title of this recording.

Sorry, Slainte,

My invite to the album launch states ‘Fidil 3 - a new album from Fidil’.

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It’s damned fine too, Slainte. You’re sure to enjoy it.

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Re: Fidil 3

‘The Postman’s Knock’ is actually a James Scott Skinner composition, ‘Le Messe’ (‘The Messiah’), written in honour of a Stradivarius fiddle on display in Oxford’s Ashmolean museum. Needless to say, the tune was subsequently Donegal-ised.

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Re: Fidil 3

I didn’t know that about Postman’s Knock. It’s on one of my Morris dance albums so I always thought it was only from there.