Live At The Music Room

By Troy MacGillivray

Seven comments

Recorded January 19th 2007. A good mix of old and new Scottish and Cape Breton tunes with a few Irish for good measure.
Tracks 1, 4, 9, and 12 are long strathspey/reel sets lasting 10:46, 10:06, 8:00 and 7:38 respectively.
The only low point for me is the “guitar break” in the middle of Pressed for Time (Track 3) - sounds too much like the rubbish I would play!

Oh, and I’ve changed the spelling (given in the sleeve notes) of one or two of the tunes for clarity.

Live At The Music Room by Troy MacGillivray

What label is it on? Where can it be purchased?

It is published by Trolleymac Music. I got it when I was at the Sunshine Coast fiddle camp at Roberts Creek in the summer because Troy was teaching there. I think you can get it through his website .

Re: Live At The Music Room

I changed the spelling of Pointe Aux Pique to allow it to pick up the ABC of the tune

Re: Live At The Music Room

The Plagiarist, sixth tune on track 9 and also on Troy’s “Eleven”, is the Ador pipe reel by Allan MacDonald, not the D reel Johnny MacIljohn’s (aka The Plagiarist).