By Daniel Payne

  1. The Viking
    George Fowler’s
    Ambrose Mahar’s
    She Broke The Leg Of Her Coffee Pot
  2. Charlie Hutching’s Tune
    The Ship Inn
  3. Brother John
  4. Trinity Girls
    Leo Bonnell’s
  5. Kevin Broderick’s
    Banker Tune No.2
  6. The Wreck Of The Annie Roberts
  7. The Meech Lake Breakdown
    Leonard And Lush Cole’s Pretty Little Mary
  8. Little Joe Palliser’s
    Johnny Formanger’s
    Luke Payne’s
    Joe Whalen’s
  9. Blooming Mary Anne
  10. Joey Clement’s
    The Old Ruby’s Garden
    Herb Reid’s
  11. Bonny Blue Eyed Jane
  12. Bees And Flowers
    Leo Barry’s
    Daniel’s Harbour Breakdown
    Ladies In The Salt Pound

One comment

One of the finest albums of traditional newfoundland music. Daniel plays accordion, fiddle, whistle, flute, and guitar on the tunes and sings a few unaccompanied songs in the old style. The tunes are surprisingly unhampered by the multiple instrument overdubs and they remain tight and powerful throughout.