Lifting Out The Stove

By Vince Collins

  1. Blackthorne Stick
  2. Vince’s Triple
  3. Get Me The Accordion Quick
  4. Pop’s Tune
  5. Old Country
  6. Aunt Maggie Gambin’s Tune
    St. Anne’s Triple
  7. Joe Parson’s
  8. Mick Curran’s Tune
    Rabbit Sitting In The Bush
  9. Smash The Window
    The Geese In The Bog
    Mike Bennett’s Tune
    Dirty Dirt Out
  10. Pop’s
  11. Copper Sheckle
  12. What’ll We Do When The Kettle Boils Over
    Up To See Grandma
  13. Haul Up Your Petticoat
  14. Morris’s Triple
  15. Stories From St. Anne’s