By Frank Maher And The Mahers Bahers

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  1. Bonnie Kate
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  2. Coming From The Races
    Israel Got A Rabbit
    Off Go Those St. John’s Girls
  3. Why Did I Leave South Boston
    The Maid On The Mountain
  4. Miss Gilhooley’s Party
  5. Frank’s Jigs In D
  6. Frank Maher’s Famous Non-Rhyming Limerick
  7. Running The Goat
    Round Old Ruby’s Garden
    She Said She Couldn’t Dance
    Final Goat Tune
  8. The Old Blackthorn
    Cottage Groves
  9. Stirling Castle
    The Belfast
  10. O’Brien Is Dead
  11. Frank Stamp’s
    Tom Lake’s Favourite
  12. Sally’s
    The Four-Stop
    Off She Goes
    Slipping The
  13. Molly Murphy
  14. Rollicking Skipper
  15. I Got A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
    Maggie In The Woods
  16. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s