The ‘Reel’ Thing

By Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Pipe Major George Ross’ Welcome To The Black Watch
    Highlanders Farewell To Ireland
    Creignish Hills
  2. Idle Road (The Winding Road)
    Lame Duck
    The Old Dutch Churn
  3. Dundee Clog
    Foresters Clog
    Master McDermott
    Lively Steps
    The Fairy Dance
  4. Amelia’s
    The Murray River
  5. Lochnagar Slow Air
    Athole Brose
    Jenny Bowser
  6. King Of The Fairies March
    Bacon And Eggs
    Drowsy Maggie
    Tarbolton Lodge
    Larry Down’s
  7. Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
    Miss Jessie Smith
    Glen MacIsaac’s
  8. Nicole Fakoory’s
    The Baddeck Gathering
  9. Da Peerie Hoose March
    Arthur Muise’s Trad.
    Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
    Heather Hill
    Mourne Mountains
  10. Miss Drummond Of Perth
    Muileann Dubh
    Pretty Marion

Two comments

Recorded in May 1994 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Produced and arranged by Wendy and Dave MacIsaac.
Dave plays guitar on the recording, with Howie MacDonald on piano.
Seems to have been issued first as a tape.
The sleeve notes helpfully give all the tunes, but don’t separate them into tracks, so I hope I’ve got the divisions right.

The plot thickens…

I entered the tracks manually as best I could, but it has brought to my attention that there is *another* version of this CD (an Australian import, published by Lonely Tree, 2007), currently on Amazon- (thanks to domnull for pointing this out.)
The track listing for that CD is as follows:-
1. Pipe Major George Ross’-Welcome To The Black Watch-The Highlanders Farewell To Ireland Strathspey-Creignish Hills Reel-Traditional Reel-Donalbane
2. Idle Road Jig-The Lame Duck Jig-The Old Dutch Churn Jig
3. The Dundee Clog-Foresters Clog-Master McDermot Reel-Lively Steps Reel-The Fairy Dance Reel
4. Amelia’s Jig-The Murray River Jig
5. Lochnagar Slow Air-Athole Brose Strathspey-Jenny Bowser Reel
6. King Of The Fairies March-Bacon And Eggs Strathspey-Cooley’s Reel-Drowsey Maggie Reel-Tarbolton Lodge Reel-Larry Down’s Reel
7. Neil Gow’s Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife-Miss Jessie Smith Strathspey-Glen MacIsaac’s Reel
8. Nicole Fakoory’s Jig-The Baddeck Gathering Jig
9. Da Peerie Hoose March Traditional-Arthur Muise’s Traditional Strathspey-Duke Of Gorden’s Birthday-Heather Hill Reel-The Mourne Mountains Reel
10. Miss Drummond Of Perth Strathspey-Muileann Dubh Reel-Pretty Marion Reel

The main differences are that the Aus. listing leaves out most of the titles listed as ‘traditional reel’ etc. on the original. It also lists ‘Lochnagar Slow Air’ as the first tune on Track 5: this tune is not mentioned on the MacIsaacs’ original.

This second listing may well be, overall, a more accurate version- I don’t know the tunes well enough to judge. To paraphrase Morecombe and Wise, we probably now have all the tunes, though not necessarily in the right order…