Faoi Bhláth

By Dave Sheridan, Ciarán Somers and Nicolas Quemener

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Just such a good album!

Great CD.

I just realized that there are two Dave Sheridans: one a fluter and one a fiddler. "He" should get together with Jerry O’Connor and start a four piece group called O’Connor and Sheridan.
By the way, it’s a lovely CD.

Tom Clancy’s #1

Saved myself a bit of trouble here by doing a search on all reels with "Clancy" in the title. "Tom Clancy’s #1" - 2nd tune in the first track has already been posted here by Will Harmon - see link above.
The only difference is that Messrs Somers and Sheridan play it in the key of "G", and not "D", as posted by Will.
I’m about to post the second "Tom Clancy’s", and will insert a link here.

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Their version of the Galtee Reel:

X: 1
T: Galtee, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Ador
|:aged cAAG|EAAG ABce|aged cAAG|EGGF G2 ce|
aged cAAG|EAag a2ga|bgag eaaf|1 gedB cAAe:|2 gfed cAAB||
|:c2AB cded|cAAG EAAB|c2AB cded|cABG EGGB|
cBAB cded|cA~A2 a2ga|bgaf gedB|1 cAAG EAAB|2 cAAG EAAe||

Re: Faoi Bhlath

Is there any other place to buy apart from Apple Music? Fond of a nice CD myself when they’re available…

Re: Faoi Bhlath

Try Custy’s in Ennis website, but an "own label" recording, 10 years later - ah hae ma doots.

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