Champions Of Ireland: Tin Whistle

By Ciarán Marsden And Gráinne Kelly

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Three comments

"Champions Of Ireland: Tin Whistle" ~ Ciarán Marsden & Gráinne Kelly

If this is a good representation of this series, then it is best passed by. The notes wax on for two pages giving a cheap and quick introduction to the whistle, mentioning Mary Bergin, Sean Ryan and Micho Russell on the way. There’s nothing about the two artists featured, and no notes on the tunes either. Two more pages are just advertisement for the 13 recordings of "Champions of Ireland", which, unless someone I trust recommends otherwise, I won’t be purchasing.

I have been trying to temper my distaste for and comment against reverb, but here it is overkill, to the point of ceramic tiled loo (toilet), that kind of echo. You know, "which stall is that coming from?"

There is nothing at all exceptional about the playing here, except how bad things are in general, especially the incessant keyboard banging (which did pause twice). If these two whistlers really did make the All-Ireland it must have been a slow year. I’d also want to question the sanity of the judges into question, but that wouldn’t be a new thing for me. (another bugaboo with me) It is the standard dribble, with the usual excess of rolls and just not agreeing with any concept of pleasure to my ears, mind or heart. However, the two slow airs, two of the 12 tracks, aren’t too bad, but that might just be because the BOOM-CHUCK accompaniment was given a rest. But that awful echo comes out ever more irritating.

I was tempted, curious, and the one listen was enough to answer my curiosity. Now, do I have a tone deaf aunt that wouldn’t mind this in her Christmas stocking? 😏

Hey, it only cost me a couple of quid, but it really is that bad just the same that I’d rather have spent that on a pint…

I got two CDs by Denise Shiels, concertina and accordion and they ‘re great and good value. Any info on her would be welcome


Thanks for the heads up. I thought of buying this on ebay. Glad I didn’t.