The Dawn

By Shaskeen

  1. The Enchanted Lady
    The Holy Land
    The Hunter’s Purse
  2. Turn The Bellows Quickly
    Turn Up The Tables
  3. One Misty Moisty Morning
  4. The Banks
    Pound Hill
  5. The Dawn
    Paddy Lynn’s Delight
  6. Pretty Saro
  7. The Boy In The Gap
    The Humours Of Scarriff
  8. The Gold Ring
    The Night Of The Wedding
  9. Chattering Magpie
    Flax In Bloom
    Paddy Kelly’s
  10. Mattie Groves
  11. O’Rourke’s
    The Wild Irishman
  12. Sally Brown
    Pat Burke’s
  13. Lord Gordon’s
    Lord McDonald’s
  14. Mooncoin
    Queen Of The Fair
  15. Moving Cloud
    Dowd’s Favourite

Two comments


Some of your tracks are misspelled and so the tunes don’t come up even though they are here

Not guilty m’lud - I copied them straight from the back of the LP!