The Twentieth Anniversary Collection

By Various Artists

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  1. The Rainy Day
    First You Must Learn The Grip
  2. Maudabawn Chapel
    The Irish Girl
    The Moher
  3. Dans Loudieg
  4. Oh Mo Dhuthaich
  5. Fermanagh
    John Doherty’s
    King George IV
  6. Farrell O’Gara
    The Flogging
  7. Culloden’s Harvest
  8. A Farruquina
  9. On Horseback
  10. Chinese
    William Durette’s Clog
    The Boys Of The Lough
  11. The Golden Keyboard
    Mayor Harrison’s Fedora
  12. Lover’s Heart
  13. Gray Bob
    Cutty’s Wedding
    Loch Carran
    Gray Bob
  14. The Humours Of Ballyconnell
    Reel Eboulement
    Richie Dwyer’s
  15. The Humours Of Whiskey
  16. Colonel Fraser
  17. Loftus Jones
  18. Music For A Found Harmonium
  19. There Was A Lady
  20. The Dionne
    Mouth Of The Tobique
  21. The Crooked Road
    The Foxhunter’s
  22. Tha M’Intinn Raoir
    Duke Of Gordon
    The Cameronian
    Lady Of The House
  23. The Wishing Tree
  24. The Boys From Ballavanich
    Mrs. Crehan’s
  25. Master McDermott’s
    The Plough And The Stars
    Dillon Brown
  26. There Were Roses
  27. Winnie Hayes’s
    The Lonesome
  28. Rigney’s
    Ambrose Moloney’s
  29. The Two-and-Sixpenny Girl
    The Boys Of The Town
  30. Bolen’s Fancy
    The Dunmore Lasses
    The Maid Behind The Bar
    The Glass Of Beer
  31. No Man’s Land
    Flowers Of The Forest
  32. Pharaoh
  33. Maud Miller
    The Sailor’s Return
    Paddy Murphy’s Wife
  34. The Celtic Lament
  35. Johnny Allen’s
    Sporting Nell
  36. Song For Ireland
  37. Master Crowley’s
    The Jug Of Punch
  38. The Leitrim Fancy
    Around The World For Sport
    Rip The Calico
    Martin Wynne’s
    The Enchanted Lady
    The Holy Land