The Way Home

By Donald Grant

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  1. Red Skies
  2. Braeroy Road
    The Grey Corries
    The Way Home
  3. To The West
  4. Nz 2004
  5. Tha Thu Daonnam Nam Smuain
  6. Herbusta
    Ho Ro Gheallaidh
    Manus Lunny’s Terracotta Plower Pop
  7. An Gille Ban
  8. Hope Valley
  9. Reel Valencia
  10. Noche De Ronda
  11. A Chur Nan Gobhar As A ‘Chreig
    Battle Of Mulroy
    Catriona McKay’s Rollerblades
  12. Chrissie’s

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Debut solo album by a really fantastic West Highland fiddler. Mostly self-penned tunes with a smattering of older Scots melodies thrown in. Guests include Karen Matheson, Donald Shaw, Seamus Egan, Fionán de Barra, Catriona McKay, James MacIntosh, and others.

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