All Ireland Champions

By The Leitrim Céilí Band

Added by Kenny .

  1. Anne Walshe’s
    The Maid Of Mt. Kisco
  2. Butler’s
    The Morning Star
  3. Knock Rua Hill
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
  4. The Lonesome
    The Portroe
  5. Contentment Is Wealth
    Gallagher’s Frolics
  6. A Rainy Day
    The Lissallumma Fiddler
  7. MacDarcy’s Favourite
    Tell Her I Am
  8. The Wandering Minstrel
    The Leitrim Fancy
  9. Katie’s Fancy
    The Hag With The Money
  10. The Peeler’s Jacket
    St. Ruth’s Bush
  11. The Green Groves
    The Bag Of Potatoes
  12. The Rough Road
    Gan Ainm

Two comments

The Leitrim Ceili Band

I’m posting this out of curiousity, as it’s a recording I don’t have, and have never heard. It came up on eBay 2 weeks ago, and according to the listings, Joe Burke played accordion, and Paddy Carty played flute with them when they won the All-Ireland in 1959. I also don’t recognise quite a few of the tune titles, and wonder if they’re really obscure tunes, or just titles which have been made up for the recording. I reckoned it might be worth the price of a CD, so pushed the bidding up from £8 to £15, but was still outbid.
Has anybody heard it ? Can anyone shed any light on the tune titles ?

Line up was :
Michael Dooley, Paddy Doorley - fiddles
Tony Molloy, Paddy Carty - fiddles
Mick Darcy/Joe Burke - accordions
Anne-Marie Courtney - piano
Sean Curley - drums

It is a great historical album Kenny. Some great tunes on there. The tune titles are somewhat ambiguous as a number of the tunes are commonly known but with different names on the album.

If anyone would like the link to a copy of this album email me.

I dont know if it is ever going to be released again.