Blue Mesa

By Peter Ostroushko

  1. Ukranian Tune (Gan Ainm)
    Lost Indian
    Reel Of The Hanged Man
  2. Marjorie’s
  3. Horizontal Hold
  4. Bean An Ti Ar Lar
    The Scholar
  5. The Orthodox Priest
  6. The Charleston
    The B.T.
  7. Bonnie Mulligan
  8. Monkey On A Dog Cart
  9. Bury Me Beneath The Willow
  10. The Highwire
  11. Ukranian Song (Gan Ainm)
    Ukranian Polka (Gan Ainm)
  12. Blue Mesa
  13. Macquellin’s
    Ostroushko’s #1
    Ostroushko’s #2

Two comments

UPPER CASE in the track listing denotes the title given on the CD to the SET - the tunes within that set follow in lower case

Weird (or maybe not)

Since posting the track listing with both Set names (in UC) and tune names (in LC), the former have disappeared / been edited.

C’est la vie - anyway, here is the listing as found on the CD:

1 International Medley
2 Marjorie’s Waltz
3 Horizontal Hold
4 Irish Medley
5 The Orthodox Priest
6 Polka Medley
7 Bonnie Mulligan’s
8 Monkey on a Dog Cart
9 Bury Me Beneath the Willow
10 The Highwire Hornpipe
11 Ukrainian Medley
12 Blue Mesa
13 Jig Medley