Er Pasker

By Jean-Michel Veillon And Yvon Riou

Added by Benoit .
  1. Er Pasker
    Stella Splendens
  2. Ton Bale Porzh Bras Leskoed
    Dans Fisel
    Ton Tri
  3. Ginley’s Nº 1
    Ginley’s Nº 2
    Gan Aim
  4. Elfes
  5. Daou Don Simpl E-Koun Yann Peron
  6. Dukardez
  7. Aze!
  8. A-Viskoazh
  9. AR Wezenn Avalou
  10. Gavontenn Bro An Aven
  11. Son AR Boked
    Janedig AR Sorserez
  12. Pa Oan Me Plac’hig Yaouank
  13. Carcouet
  14. Derobee Des Petites Gens
  15. E-Tal AR Groaz
  16. Amzer Hor Yaouankiz
    Ou Est Passe Le Temps?
  17. Shipibos
  18. Kemo’s
  19. Disano

One comment


Does anyone know if any of Jean-Michel’s albums are available for purchase anymore? I’ve looked everywhere for his albums, as well as the first Pennou Skoulm album (I have the second one, and love it)…. I only occasionally find copies on amazon for around 150USD in cost!

I’d very much like to own more of these albums, so if anyone knows how to obtain them, please let me know.