By Fred Morrison

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  1. Dannsa Rathaidh
    Train Journey North
  2. Gabriella’s
    The Little River
    The Wildcat
  3. Leaving Uist
    The Lochaber Badger
  4. Seonaidh’s Tune
    Calum Campbell Of Benbecula
    Steve Byrne’s
  5. Nameless
  6. Outlands
  7. The Leafy Lane
  8. Kansas City
  9. Matheu Watson’s
  10. The Hard Drive

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New album from Fred Morrison, billed as a combination of Scots, Irish, and Bluegrass. Can’t wait to pick this one up!

Fred Morrison - Highland pipes, reelpipes (border pipes), uilleann pipes, whistles
Tim O’Brien - guitar, mandolin, fiddle
Ron Block - banjo
Matheu Watson - guitar
Martin O’Neill - bodhran

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Brilliant CD -excellence in technical ability combined with real passion in his playing. His expression in slow airs is IMO unsurpassed and the fire and verve in faster sets underpin a note perfect delivery -best piping I have heard.Buy it and savour it-this is the real article

sheet music

Hello !
I’m just in love with these tunes : The Leafy Lane and Downtown !
Would someone know where I could find the sheet music for them ?
I’m learning them on the Fiddle , in b flat and F !!! Fun but I’ d like to be able to read them and play tem in an easier key for my Violin !!!
Thank you !