By Chris Wood And Andy Cutting

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  1. Coroare
  2. Quadrille Des Laurentide
  3. Valcartier Set First Part
    Second Balance
  4. When First I Came To Caledonia
  5. When Cloe
    Ville De Quebec
  6. Unknown
    La Grand Jigue Simple
  7. Galope De La Malbaie
    Homage A Edmond Parizeau
  8. The Silver Swan
  9. Out Come The Freaks
  10. Valse Efter Tor Lohne
    Retour De Montaignac
    Waltz Harry Lane
  11. The First Of May
    The Last Of June
  12. Reel A Pointe-Au-Pic
  13. Polka Chinoise