By Krack

  1. Give Us A Drink Of Water
    The Long Journey
    Phantom Mosquitos
  2. Ronströmmen
  3. Lily The Robber
    Happy (Jig)
  4. Ridee
    Maggie’s Pancakes
  5. The Empty Wallet
  6. Molly Ban
    MacArthur Road
    Charlie MacKerron’s
  7. Fredin
  8. Krabbvalsen
  9. Morrison’s
    Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    The Coolea
  10. Slow Air (Far Away)
  11. Hedgehog

Three comments


Released in 2004 (Sandkvie Records)

1. Phantom mosquitos:
Give us a drink of water / trad.
The long journey / Padraig Rynne
Phantom mosquitos / Shona Kipling
Aodhan’s jig / Mick McAuley

2. Ronströmmen:
C: Annika Björkegren

3. Lily:
Lily the Robber / Lisa Brant, Eric Ronström, Clara Andemo
Happy jig / Clara Andemo, Erik Ronström

4. Maggie:
Ridee / trad.
Maggie’s Pancakes / Stuart Morris

5. The Empty Wallet Waltz:
C: Frederick Jakobsson

6. Dublin:
Molly Ban / trad.
MacArthur Road / Dave Richardson
Charlie MacKerron’s / trad.

7. Fredin:

8. Krabbvalsen:
C: Clara Andermo

9. Morrison:
Morrison’s jig
Hearty Boys of Ballymote
The Coolea jig

10. Slow Air (Far away):
C: Peter Jung

11. Hedgehog:
C: Lisa Brant, Erik Ronström