By Eddie Clarke

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  1. Holly Bush
    Connaught Heifers
  2. Tom Moran’s Fancy
  3. Dinny O’Brien’s
    Farewell To Connaught
  4. Home Ruler
  5. Mullingar Lea
    The Star Of Munster
  6. Do You Want Any More?
    Yellow Wattle
    The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
  7. Knotted Cord
    Maid Of Mount Kisco
    Bank Of Ireland
  8. Scully Casey’s
    The Humours Of Tullycrine
    Caislean An Oir
  9. Ewe
    Paddy Fahy’s
  10. The Humours Of Glendart
    Br Gilda’s
    Br Gilda’s
  11. An Caisdeach Ban
  12. Sean Bhean Bhocht
    Trim The Velvet
    Red Haired Lass
  13. Trip To Sligo
    Out On The Ocean
  14. Monaghan Twig
    Paddy Fahy’s
  15. Green Cottage
    Come Hither On The Boys
  16. Andy McGann’s
    The Humours Of Scariff
  17. Blooming Meadows
    The Battering Ram
    Munster Buttermilk
  18. Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
  19. An Goirtin Eornan
  20. New Century
  21. Knocknabout Polkas
  22. Groves Of Gneeveguilla
  23. Denis And Julia
    Dan O’Keefe’s
    Barrack Hill
  24. Farewell To Whiskey
    Padraig O’Keefe’s
  25. Dingle Regatta
    Padraig O’Keefe’s
  26. The Britches Full Of Stitches
    Tripping To The Well
  27. Star Above The Garter
  28. Lisdoonvarna
    Julia Clifford’s
    Peg Ryan’s
  29. Lord McDonald
    Yellow Tinker
    Sailor’s Farewell
  30. Fairhaired Boy
    Paddy Clancy’s
    Trip To The Cottage
  31. Dash To Portobello
    The Wheels Of The World
    Julia Delaney’s
  32. Touch Me If You Dare
    Miss McGuinness
  33. Flannel Jacket
    Cregg’s Pipes
    Chattering Magpie
  34. Mullingar Races
  35. House Under The Hill
    Hare’s Paw
  36. Paddy Fahy’s
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  37. The Star Of Munster
    Sonny Brogan’s Return
    Fisherman’s Lilt
  38. Ah Surely!
    Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh
  39. McMahon’s
  40. Paddy Kelly’s
    Thady Casey’s Favourite
  41. Green Grow The Rushes
    Mrs. Galvin’s
  42. Collier’s
    Boy On The Hilltop
  43. Blackbird
    Paddy Fahy’s
  44. Gooseberry Bush
    Bunch Of Green Rushes
  45. Jim Conroy’s
    Boys Of The Town
  46. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  47. Pretty Maggie Morrissey
  48. Spike Island Lasses
    Rakish Paddy
  49. Five Mile Chase
    London Lasses
  50. Hackler From Grousehall

One comment

Eddie (nee Eamon) Clarke, arguably the finest player of traditional music on the harmonica, died in 2004, leaving only a couple commercial recordings: “Crossroads” with Clare fiddler Joe Ryan and “Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh” with Maeve Donnelly. Now, Comhaltas has issued this 4 CD collection of Clarke’s work, mostly his own cassette tapes and session recordings. The collection was produced by Antoin Mac Gabhann, and while the recording quality is understandably uneven, Clarke’s phenomenal musicianship is on full display. There are actually 63 tracks in the full set (the first 3 CDs are all harmonica tracks, thefourth CD is all songs), but I didn’t have room to list most of the song tracks. One of the four CDs features session recordings from Milltown Malbay, there are three tracks recorded live at Slattery’s in Dublin, and one track on which Clarke is accompanied by Alec Finn. Also, there are two previously unreleased tracks with fiddler Joe Ryan. There’s a 35-page booklet featuring photos and tributes to Clarke from Andrew Clarke, Mick Kinsella, Seamus Mac Mathun and Sean Walshe (the musician who convinced Clarke to take up the instrument after a long break, and to switch from the diatonic mouth organ to the more versatile chromatic harmonica).

If you want but an introduction to Clarke’s music, you may still want to find a copy of the great 1981 “Crossroads” album; but harmonica players or anyone else who wants a fuller appreciation of Clarke’s brilliant playing will want this fine tribute set. I got mine from Ossian USA, but it is also available from Claddagh and probably other outlets by now.