Helping Hands

By Jerry Holland And John Doyle

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  1. Angus MacIsaac
    Alexander William MacDonnell
    The Black Hoe
    The Drover Lads
  2. Golden Legs
    Lively Steps
    Garmont Smiddy
  3. The Danish Cape Breton Society March
  4. All My Friends
    Joey Beaton’s
    Father John Angus Rankin
  5. Tears
  6. The Farewell
    Carey’s Irish Hospitality
    Gillian Head
  7. The Bridge Of Inver
    The Isle Of Skye
    Miss Watt
    Mrs. Duncan Forbes Of Muirtown
  8. My Cape Breton Home
  9. The Vega Mandolin
  10. Larry Reynold’s Fancy
    The Royal Circus
    Francis Bert MacDonald
    Peter Martin
  11. Party In The Catskills
    Kate And Julie’s First
    Brendan Mulvihill’s Pick
  12. The Pi
  13. The Auld Wife Ayont The Fire
    Allowa Kirk
    Katie Trotter
  14. The Lumber Camp
  15. She Put Her Knee On The Old Man
    Cranford’s Five Day Wedding
  16. Short Grass
    Princess Florence
  17. Helping Hands
    Angus Chisholm’s Favorite
    Blind Nora
  18. Iggie And Squiggie
    CBC’s Glen And Karl
    Just Cruising

Two comments

Recorded at the home of Roberta and Dan head, River Ryan, June 24, 25, 2009.
Some great playing by both men - nothing fancy, just great music.
I particularly like tracks 7-9: a rocking set of “old Scottish book tunes” in Bb, a very poignant My Cape Breton Home and a Jerry’s only recording (I think) of his Vega Mandolin.

Great album. I bought at the CD release party during Celtic Colours this year. I think my favourite is the title track “Helping Hands” - one of the last tunes that Jerry wrote. It is plain to see that his music will live on 🙂