Curious Things Given Wings

By The Outside Track

  1. The Turkish Revery
  2. Le Voyage
  3. Silvy, Silvy
  4. Doberman’s Wallet
    Peter Byrne’s
    Swerving For Bunnies
  5. The Rambling Sailor
    The Taur
    The Goat’s
    The Jubilant Goat
  6. Caroline Of Edinburgh Town
  7. Belladrum House
    De’il Tak The Breeks
    Touching Cloth
  8. Malcolm’s New Fiddle
    Joe Tom’s
    Dance Of The Mermaid
  9. Blackbirds And Thrushes
  10. Madam Madam
  11. Crusty The Clown
    The Panic
  12. Farewell Song